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How do I order and validate a SSL-certificate?

Neostrada gives you the choice between “free SSL-certificates” and “paid SSl-certificates”. In this article we’ll focus on the SSL-certificates you can order through our customer dashboard and how to validate them.

If you want to know more about the free SSL-certificates, please check out article How do I create a free SSL certificate with Let's Encrypt?.

Difference between a free or paid SSL-certificate?

With a paid SSL-certificate the validation will be seen as Comodo instead of Cpanel Inc. There is also a difference in the insured value of your SSL-certificate. If you have a paid certificate this amount can differ between €10.000,- tot €1.750.000,-, (depending on the type of SSL-certificate). If you have a free SSL-certificate there is no insurance at all.

Which SSL-certificates can you order at Neostrada?

You can order the following three types of SSL-certificate:

  • Domain validation; you can use this for and

  • Wildcard SSL; you use this one for subdomains (www and *.). It doens’t work for *.*

  • EV-SSL certificate; The same as with Domain validation but you also get the green bar in your browser

Available SSL-certificates at Neostrada

Order a SSL-certificate

There are two ways to order a SSL-certificate:

We’ll focus on the second way cause the Neostrada website aso redirects you to the customer dashboard to order the SSl-certificate. Follow the next steps to order a SSL-certificate

- Log in the customer dashboard.

- Click SSL-certificates

- Click New SSL-certificate

- Enter the domain you wish to order a SSL-certificate for

- Choose a SSL-certificate and select for how long you wish to order the certificate.

- Check the option Yes, go ahead and request the SSL certificate for .

- Click Opslaan

- Your SSL will now be ordered and validated.

Validation of your SSL-certificate

After you ordered the SSL-certificate, there will be validation to make sure you are the owner of the domain you entered. With an Domain Validation and Wildcard SSL there will only be a validation (Domain validation) through a CNAME-record that will need to be added. The CNAME-record looks like this: CNAME

When the domain you ordered th SSL-certificate for is registered at Neostrada, our system will automatically add the record for you. If the domain is registered at a different provider, you’ll get a mail saying that you will have to add the CNAME-record.

When you order a EV-certificate, there are of lot more validation steps (hence the name extended validation):

  • Company validation; the information in the request will be validated with public sources like national Business Registers.

  • Whois validation; the company information will be validated with the domain holder (whois) information of all domains.

  • EV documents; we will send you an email with a link to validate the order. This will be sent to the email address in your customer account.

  • Phone validation; the request will be validated with the contact of the company through a public registered phone number.

  • Domain validation; through the CNAME-recorded as mentioned

For the phone validation the number may also be in one of the following registers:

When the validation has succeeded, you’ll get a email from us with information that the SSL is ready and needs to be installed.

Install your SSL-certificate

Please check out article How do I install an SSL certificate?


This knowledgebase article was last updated on: 4 October 2018

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