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Give your website a boost with your own cloud server. Choose more CPUs for a more powerful VPS.






Storage (SSD)




From € 9,95 P/M
First month only
€ 1,00

Cloud VPS control panel licenses

You can choose to order a licence for a control panel. We only offer 24/7 management with cPanel. Other control panels are unmanaged, which means that you will have to maintain them yourself.

v.a. € 26,99 P/M

cPanel is a hosting control panel to easily manage your websites. More info

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€ 6,99 P/M

DirectAdmin is an unmanaged hosting control panel to easily manage your websites. More info

DirectAdmin demo DA demo Compose

Full SSD

Our cloud platform is entirely based on SSD technology. This means that your cloud server is up to 10 times faster than the cloud solutions of our competitors.

More stability

We take care of problems such as hardware failures, single-point-of-failures and maintenance, so you can focus on what’s important for you.

No worries

With a cloud server you will not only have all the advantages of a dedicated server, you can also count on a professional support team to solve your problems.

Our Cloud VPS hosting is super fast

Thanks to our lightning fast VPS hosting your website gets the boost it deserves. With 99.9% uptime guarantee and simple capacity upgrades you can grow endlessly without worrying about accessibility.

Let the Cloud VPS hosting grow with you

If your website grows or host multiple websites, then a cloud server is easy to upgrade. More CPUs and memory is never a problem and does not require website migration. Everything is settled within minutes.

What is a VPS server?

A VPS server is a virtual private server (cloud server). You have guaranteed resources, such as memory, processor power and SSD storage. With a managed VPS we take care of the maintenance of your VPS completely.

Need help choosing VPS hosting? Contact us

Not sure which VPS hosting to choose? No problem, just contact our customer service. We are is available 7 days a week to help you.

The Technique behind Cloud VPS hosting

IPv6 Ready

The cloud platform is accessible via IPv6 and every cloud has unlimited IPv6 addresses.

Intel Xeon

We work with the latest generation Xeon CPUS and DDR4 ECC memory. This results in an extremely high performance.

300Gbps+ Network

Our network has a capacity of 300Gbps+. This results in an extremely high availability.


Your cloud server is virtualized with KVM technology. You can choose from 100+ templates to install on your cloud server.

Scalable and self-healing

You can up or downgrade immediately. If a hypervisor fails, another server takes over automatically.

External backup storage

To make a backup of your cloud, you can purchase external backup storage. The costs are & euro; 12.50 p / month for 500GB storage.

Finish your cloud with our tools

Your cloud server is very complete in base but we can offer you some extras. Choose CloudLinux, Softaculous or WHMCS and complete your Cloud!


€ 14,99 P/M

Use CloudLinux to distribute and manage resources by account.

More info


€ 21,99 P/J

Softaculous is a 1-click auto installer with more than 443 scripts.

More info


€ 19,99 P/M

WHMCS is a tool to automate reseller hosting and domain registration.

More info

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