from € 0,85

3 GB webspace
Extra fast thanks to SSD
1 vCPU's
1 GB memory
Unlimited datatransfer
100 websites
Unlimited e-mail
Free SSL certificates



v.a. € 6,36

Unlimited webspace
Extra fast thanks to SSD
6 vCPU's
6 GB memory
Unlimited websites
Free SSL certificates
Move service


v.a. € 3,96

100 GB webspace
Extra fast thanks to SSD
3 vCPU's
3 GB memory
Unlimited websites
Free SSL certificates

SSD Webhosting

Fast, Reliable & Cheap from €0,85 p/m


Customers evaluate our webhosting with a . 97% would recommend us.
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Unlimited datatransfer

Bij Neostrada maak je gebruik van onbeperkt dataverkeer voor al jouw websites! Je hebt dus geen omkijken naar het dataverkeer. Zo kan jij je richten op het maken en onderhouden van je website!

Unlimited email

Bij ons geen maximumaantal mailaccounts maar onbeperkt mailboxen aanmaken! Zo heb je altijd genoeg mailadressen zonder dat je daar meer voor hoeft te betalen! Daarnaast hebben wij op alle mailboxen, gratis spamfilters.

Gratis SSL

Bij Neostrada is jouw website gratis beveiligd met een SSL-certificaat. Binnen 24 uur maak je hier automatisch gebruik van. Zo heeft jouw website altijd een groen slotje. Handig he!?

Webhosting with more than
413 scripts included

Easy does it , right? With one click gets you right your own blog or forum online ! You can choose from more than 413 scripts.

Webhosting with cPanel

With the most comprehensive web hosting control panel cPanel available in the world you can arrange all the hosting business with one click !

  • 1 click instalation system
  • Email account management
  • Various webmail clients
  • Unlimited email and database capabilities
  • Website statistics
  • Make simple backups
  • Let's Encrypt (Free SSL!) More information?

Extra fast

All our servers use quality SSDs. Because of this you can enjoy not only high speed but also a reliable service .


With each hosting package is a one -click app installer included. Without technical knowledge your favorite blog , forum or web shop and you will be online within minutes.

Always available

Your website is your business card. Our servers are equipped with powerful Intel® Xeon® processors and fast DDR4 memory. They are monitored at all times, so that we can immediately resolve any interruptions.

Web hosting with sufficient storage space

If you purchase a web hosting package, you do not have to worry about the disk space. By default, you receive 3 GB of SSD disk space. This must be more than enough to host your website. You could host a website with more than 3,000 pages including photos.

Webhosting with unlimited data traffic

Is your website getting a lot of visitors and therefore consumes a lot of data? This should not be a problem. With our webhosting you will always have unlimited data traffic.

Webhosting for Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal website

Our webhosting is perfect for hosting, for example, Wordpress, Jooma or Drupal website. With one push of the button and within a few seconds, your website is online. Thanks to the free SSL certificates, there is also a secure website.

99.9% uptime guarantee

There is almost nothing annoying as a website that is unreachable. Therefore we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Dutch webhosting

For years Neostrada has become one of the largest hosting companies in the Netherlands. We offer our packages at an excellent price. You can easily get a web hosting package at an extra low price!

All advantages.

At Neostrada we want to offer our customers the best. A complete package with no hidden fees. Therefore, each hosting package has the same great extras that make's building your website easier.

In addition to our complete package's you also enjoy the best support. Our experienced staff will always be happy to help until your problem is really solved.

Your package will be created immediately when you pay via PayPal, PayPal or credit card. So you can get started in no time with your website.

1 GB PHP memory limit
Unlimited datatransfer
1-click app installer
Unlimited email accounts
Free SSL certificates
cPanel control panel
Choose your own PHP version (5.x of 7.x)
Unlimited MySQL databases
Shell access

Carefree spamfree

All outgoing emails are filtered for spam by SpamExperts. With advanced filters and modern technology you do not have to worry about receiving and sending secure email.


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