Notice and takedown procedure Neostrada

Through our services it is possible to make websites and other online content available on the internet. Since customers have complete control over their own web space, Neostrada has no influence on the content that our customers upload. It may happen that the content that one of our customers uploads is not in accordance with certain standards or laws or even illegal. If this is the case, we use the following procedure for this:

  • You first contact our client / owner of the website yourself
  • If this fails, the next step is to contact the holder of the domain name, which you can find in the public WHOIS database.
  • If a (desired) response is not forthcoming, please contact us at [email protected]

It is of course possible that you cannot come to a solution together with the owner of the website / domain name, in which case you contact Neostrada. In this case it is important that you send us sufficient information such as the exact location, why it would infringe and including (if applicable) any source files or other evidence that you have for this and can help us to support your argument. It will undoubtedly be possible for us to be able to establish with the information provided that the content is unlawful and should be placed offline. This can therefore be done by supplying original source files or documents proving this. It is also important that you prove if possible that the person or organization that has revealed the content was not allowed to do so.

We also ask you to include the original e-mails in which you contacted our customer and any responses.

Notice and Takedown follow-up

After receiving all information we will contact our customer with the request to respond if we find the request justified. We give our client a period of 5 working days for this. After our client's response, we decide which follow-up steps are needed and we will inform you about this. If there is no response or Neostrada believes that the content is unlawful based on our customer's response (s), we will block access to the website or content.

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