Create your own free website directly

Met onze website maker kan je zonder enige ervaring of programmeerkennis je eigen website maken. Onze websitemaker is standaard inbegrepen als je bij ons een premium webhosting afsluit. Op het webhosting pakket zal de website worden opgeslagen en bereikbaar zijn voor iedereen op het internet. Bij het webhosting pakket krijg je toegang tot de website builder om een gratis website te maken.

How does the website maker work?

With our website maker it's easier than ever to create your own website. Even without technical knowledge!

With a premium package, the website maker is free to use. The website maker can be found in the Cpanel account. With just one click, you start creating your own website.

1). Select a template from over 190 templates.
2). Use the intuitive drag and drop builder to place text, images, buttons and forms where you want them.
3). Publish your website with one press of the button!


  1. Add element

    Select element Drag and drop element
    Text, Image, Gallery, Youtube, Maps, Form, Lines, Menu, Language

  2. Edit element

    Select element Double click on element

    Select element Right click properties

    Select element Click on

  3. Delete element

    Select element Delete (Keyboard)

    Select element Right click Delete

    Select element Click on  Delete

  4. Determining / Arrange element

    Select element Right click Determining / Arrange

    Select element Click on  Determining / Arrange


  1. Edit page properties

    Select settings SEO(Google Analytics)/ Background/ Styles/ Favicon/ Width

  1. Edit sitebuilder language

    Select languages Select language

  1. Edit menu items

    Select navigation Select menu item Click on menu item


  1. Save Website

    Click Publish  Save concept/ Publish/ Backup/ Reset

  2. Edit menu items

    Click New/Reset  Edit menu item Select template


Create a website in three easy steps. Select a template, place the text, images, buttons and forms you want them and publish your website with just one click of the button!


Through the languages ​​pugin you can add multiple languages ​​to your website. Your visitors can easily switch between languages ​​using a dropdown or flags on your site.


With a premium package you can use our website maker for free. The website maker can be found in the Cpanel account. With one click, you start the website maker and you can start building your own website


Choose our premium packages for more powerful web hosting. With our premium packages you have up to 4 vCPU and 4 GB RAM. Perfect when you want to start a webshop.


With each premium package, you enjoy 99.9% uptime warranty. We make sure that your website is at least 99.9% of the time available so you can keep up with your everyday online activities.


Made a mistake? No worries. With a premium package you can restore up to 7 days. This is done easily via the cPanel control panel.

Put your company on the map with its own website

There are a lot of benefits to your own website as a company. This way you put your website on the map right away and have a professional appearance to your customers. From now on you can always be reached. Your customers can find your customer information at any time.

Create your own website directly

Would you also like to be discoverable for your customers? Start creating your own website today through our website maker. Order a webhosting package directly from our site. You can get started straight away and through our simple website maker.

Start with a domain name and webhosting

Before you get started, you need a web hosting package. Our packages are available including a domain name. Buying a package at Neostrada gives you instant access to the website maker. After your package has been paid you can start the website maker and build your own website

Create your own responsive HTML website for free

Via onze website maker kan je heel eenvoudig een responsive HTML website maken. Een responsive website wil zeggen dat de site via elk apparaat toegankelijk is. Dit is één van de vereisten als je vindbaar wil zijn op het internet. Jouw website is straks bereikbaar via Android, iOS, tablets, maar natuurlijk ook gewoon via de computer. Zelfs op je telefoon wordt de site perfect weergeven en kan je jouw diensten aanbieden. Als je website mobiel vriendelijk is scoor je ook nog eens beter op zoekmachines. Je kan zo eenvoudig meer verkeer naar je website trekken. Je hoeft alleen maar op de website maker te klikken en je kan aan de slag om in ons eenvoudige systeem een eigen site te bouwen. Binnen een paar minuten kan je al online zijn dankzij Neostrada.

All advantages.

At Neostrada we want to offer our customers the best. A complete package with no hidden fees. Therefore, each hosting package has the same great extras that make's building your website easier.

In addition to our complete package's you also enjoy the best support. Our experienced staff will always be happy to help until your problem is really solved.

Your package will be created immediately when you pay via PayPal, PayPal or credit card. So you can get started in no time with your website.

1 GB PHP memory limit
Unlimited datatransfer
1-click app installer
Unlimited email accounts
Free SSL certificates
cPanel control panel
Choose your own PHP version (5.x of 7.x)
Unlimited MySQL databases
Shell access

Carefree spamfree

All outgoing emails are filtered for spam by SpamExperts. With advanced filters and modern technology you do not have to worry about receiving and sending secure email.


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