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How do I create a free SSL certificate with Let's Encrypt?

Using Let's Encrypt is possible on all hosting packages at Neostrada. This is a free service that enables you to easily activate SSL certificates for your domain names. It is important that these domain names have already been added to your cPanel account and refer to the server where your hosting package is located.


Let's Encrypt added wildcard support for SSL certificates in 2018, while cPanel created AutoSSL. This free service ensures that every domain that is listed in cPanel receives an Comodo SSL certificate within 24 hours, including additional added domains.

Due to the addition of AutoSSL, activating separate Let's Encrypt certificates on your (sub)domains isn't required anymore. If required AutoSSL can be run manually through cPanel under the option SSL/TLS Status with the function Run AutoSSL. You can however still use the Let's Encrypt certificates if you want to.

Activate certificate

Step 1. Login into cPanel.

Step 2. Under the Security category, click Lets Encrypt SSL.

Step 3. Click Issue on the desired domain name under the category Issue a new certificate.

Step 4. Select the subdomains that you want to secure with SSL. By default, the webmail and cpanel subdomains are not enabled. If you also want to secure these subdomains, check the box under the column Add cPanel subdomains.

Step 5. Click Issue. There are no costs associated with this.

Delete certificate

Step 1. Log in to cPanel.

Step 2. Under the Security category, click Lets Encrypt SSL.

Step 3. In the appropriate domain name, click Remove and then Remove Certificate. The certificate has now been removed.


Automatically redirect to https://

With a small change to the .htaccess file of your website, you can redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS. For more information on how to automatically redirect to https, see this knowledgebase article:  How do I automatically use HTTPS?


This knowledgebase article was last updated on:  4 October 2018

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