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How do I install an SSL certificate?

When you have ordered a SSL-certificate through us or an external provider, you’ll have to install the SSL-certificate on our hosting platform. THis article we’ll explain where to get the required data of your SSL-certificate and how to use that data to install the SSL-certificate.

NB! With a SSL-certificate from an external source you can follow the manual from Step 2.


Step 1. Find the data of your SSL-certificateUse the following steps to find the required data of your SSL-certificate:

- Log in to the customer dashboard.

- Click SSL-certificates

- Click the eye-icon

- You’ll see the following fields with data

  • Private key
  • CRT
  • Comodo Positive SSL Bundle

This is the required data you need to install the SSL-certificate.

Step 2. Install the certificate

Follow these steps to install the certificate:

- Log in to cPanel.

- Click SSL / TLS under the Security category.

- Click Manage SSL Sites

- Scroll down until you see Install an SSL website.

- Under Domain, click the dropdown menu to select the desired domain name.

- You’ll now see some fields like you saw in Step 1.

- Fill in the following information:

Certificate (CRT); Here goes the content from CRT

Private key (KEY); here goes the content from Private key

Certificate Authority Bundle (CABUNDLE); here goes the content from Comodo Positive SSL Bundle.

Fill in your CRT, KEY and CABUNDLE information

- Click Install Certificate

- Hurray! Your SSL is ready now!


This knowledgebase article was last updated on: 24 June 2018

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