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How can I get a SSL-certificate though AutoSSL?

Since a while we have the option to request SSl-certificates through AutoSSL next to the Let’s Encrypt method. AutoSSL is a feature of cPanel and one of it’s benefits is that you don’t have to bother checking your SSL requests anymore.

In this article we’ll explain what AutoSSL is and how you can request a SSL-certificate through AutoSSL. After this is finished you can force https if your website doesn't do this already.

N.B: How do I automatically use HTTPS?

What is AutoSSL?

AutoSSL is a feature of cPanel, where the system does a automatically check if a domain has a SSl-certificate already. If it doesn’t have a (valid) SSL-certificate, a new SSL-certificate will be requested. This is done through file validation (just like with Let’s Encrypt). Also when a SSL-certificate is expired, AutoSSL will request a new SSL-certificate automatically.

What’s the difference between AutoSSL and Let’s Encrypt?

With Let’s Encrypt, you would have to request and renew your SSL-certificates manually/ With AutoSSL that’s all done automatically. AutoSSL also gives less errors then Let’s Encrypt.

On the cloudhosting packages it’s also not possible to use let’s Encrypt. You can hoewver send a request to support if you’d like to use let’s Encrypt.

How can I request a SSL-certificate?

Shared servers

AutoSSL runs every night through a cronjob and will check if a domain needs a new SSL-certificate. However, you can manually run AutoSSL so you don’t have to wait as long. Please do note, that AutoSSL will only work work when a domain name points to the IP address of the hosting package you have with us.


Step 1. Login into cPanel.

Step 2. Click on SSL / TLS Status under the category Security.

Step 3. You now see an overview of domains and subdomains and which do or do not have SSL via AutoSSL. You can also exclude domains from the AutoSSL check here, by default all domains are included in the check.

Step 4. Click on Run AutoSSL.

Step 5. AutoSSL will now carry out its check, officially it is here max 24 hours required. The check will however often be finished within a small hour and your domains and subdomains will be provided with AutoSSL certificates.

N.B: What are DNS records?

Cloud packages

Customers with a cloud package can run AutoSSL themselves. In the article How to run AutoSSL on cloud we’ll explain how to do this.

This knowledgebase article was last updated on: 30 July 2018

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