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How do I use the webmail?

You use our webmail to view your email online. By using our webmail, it can be anywhere you have an internet connection. In this article we’ll explain how to reach our webmail (two methods) and which webmail applications you can choose from.

Three different webmail applications

You can use the following three webmail applications at Neostrada:

  • Roundcube

  • Horde

  • SquirrelMail

Choose a webmail client

You can choose which application you’d like to use or set as default.

Usage of the webmail

LIke mentioned above, there are two ways to reach our webmail.

  • Use a direct URL

  • Via cPanel

Both methods will be explained

Use a direct URL

We strongly recommend using a secure connection when using our webmail. This prevents your email from being intercepted by a malicious user. You usethe following URL for a secure connection:

https://domain.extension/webmail or https://domain.extension:2096

NB! If you use the URL with /webmail you will automatically redirect to the :2096 URL.

You use the email address you created as username. As a password, use the password that you have set for the email address.

Via cPanel

Follow the next steps to reach the webmail through cPanel:

- Log in to cPanel.

- Under Email, click Email accounts.

- Click More next to your email address below Email Accounts

- Click Access Webmail.

Click Access webmail

- Click the application you wish to use.

- Hurray! You can now use the webmail.

Please do note that you can only use one email address at a time with this method to reach the webmail.


This knowledgebase article was last updated on: 23 October 2017

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