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Easy migration to Neostrada

Don't want to do the migration yourself? You move your website easy to Neostrada with our migration service. Our migration service costs € 49.95 per website. Moving a mailbox costs € 9.95 per mailbox.

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Request authorisation code

Ask your current provider for the authorisation code of your domain name. You don't transfer the domain name yet. You do this after you have moved the site.


Order webhosting package

Order the appropriate package with your domain. Do you want to transfer your site first but leave your domain for now?. Than you should order as a remote/external domain. By ordering with an external domain it won't be transfered yet. this way your website will remain online.


Downloading and uploading

Now you should download all website files from your current hosting package. Do not forget to download a backup of the databases which you might have. Once downloaded, upload the files to the public_html directory on your hosting package that you have with us and import the databases.


Transfer and terminate at your old provider

After you've transfered your site you also need to transfer your domain to us. Then you can cancel the package with your current provider.

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