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What is a WebIP and what is it's purpose?

In your customer account under My Account a WebIP is shown. What is a WebIP and what is the purpose of this WebIP?


What is a WebIP?

A WebIP is an IP address. You can find this WebIP in your customer account on Neostrada in the catagory My Account. The WebIP is split into a WebIP (IPv4 address) and a WebIPv6 address. The WebIP can be changed in the customer account under My Account.

What is the WebIP's purpose during the order process?

The WebIP's are used for the DNS when you choose the Park option when registering a domain. If you have a hosting package or server already available you could enter the IP's of this package or server in the WebIP field to easily point the domain towards the host.

When registering or transfering a domain you can also choose to Park a domain. When Parking a domain, the WebIP in your customer account will be used in the DNS so your website will automatically be linked to your hosting!


How can I add an external domain?

You can add an eternal domain on your customer account under the catagory Services. You can then add the domain on the Add external domain category.

You can enter the external domain here under Domainname. Please enter the domain without the extension (i.e. .com/ etc.) The extension can be selected under Extension. The Hosting IP address is an IP of your choice. You can use the WebIP of the hosting at Neostrada if you have a hosting package.

Add external domain


This knowledgebase article was last updated on: 22 May 2019

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