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How does the cleanup service work?

When your website is hacked and you don’t know how to solve the hack, you can use our Malware cleanup service. In this article we’ll explain what you can expect from this service.

What do we do with the cleanup service?

With the cleanup service we make sure that the webspace is clear of malicious code. This means:

  • Adding a temporary landing page
  • Delete malware
  • Update the CMS version and all the plugins (if this is possible).

After the above things have been done, we will send you a report with everything we’ve done and changed. We’ll also mention if there are particular things you need to do yourself to make the website/webshop safe again.

NB! It is also possible to get a list of all the files that got infected. If you’d like that, you can request this in your email for the service.

How do I request the cleanup service?

To request this service, please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Name of the infected website
  • cPanel username and password
  • Approval for the costs of the cleanup service
  • (Optional) If you’d like a list of infected files

After receiving this information we will start the cleanup service. The time it takes to complete the malware cleanup differs between sites and can take up to two days. In these two days we’ll contact you if there any updates about the process.

What are the costs of the cleanup service?

The costs are 79,95 euro excl. VAT per website. Due note that if there are multiple websites in a hosting package, these websites can also be infected. If we see that this is the case, we’ll notify you and ask you if you’d like us to cleanup the other sites as well. This does mean that we’d ask you the above mentioned costs for every website in your hosting package.


This knowledgebase article was last updated on: 17 January 2019

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