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How do I use SSH?

SSH stands for Secure Shell. This connects to a server to run commands. This is useful when you are an experienced user and, for example, want to use Composer to install certain software.

To use SSH, your domain name must be verified to the IP address of your hosting package. This is whatyou need to connect:

  • Host. The host is 'domain.extension'. You can also use the IP address of the server using your hosting package.
  • Port. We have changed the port to 4000.
  • Username. Your username for cPanel.
  • Password. Your password for cPanel.

Windows and macOS

For Windows, you can use the free program PuTTY.
Here you enter the hostname and the port; 4000. You'll be asked to enter the username followed by the password.

Beware! You can paste copied data into PuTTY, e.g. the password, by rightclicking on the PuTTY window. For entering the password the field will be hidden so you only need to press enter to continue.

On macOS you use the following command in the terminal: ssh -p 4000 [email protected]


This knowledgebase article was last updated on: 11 July 2018

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