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How do I solve a 530 Login incorrect error?

When you try to connect with your hosting account through FTP you may stumble upon the infamous 530 Login incorrect error. This error usually means that your credentials are wrong or there is something wrong with your hostname. In this article we’ll help you out by giving you a couple of solutions to solve this issue.

A 530 login incorrect error

Solution 1. Check your hostname

Check if the hostname you filled in is correct. If you’re using a domain name as host, plesse check if the DNS of that domain points to the IP of the hosting package at Neostrada. Doesn’t your domainname work, then use the server address of your hosting package.

The server address for normal hosting packages is '' and premium hosting packages ''. You replace "XX" with the number of the server where your hosting package is on.

Solution 2. Check/change your password

Sometimes the solution can be really simple; your password is wrong. Therefore it’s advised to check if the cPanel password you are using, also works if you try to login in your cPanel. If that doesn’t work, please lookup your cPanel password or change it.

Are you using the password of your own created FTP-account through cpanel, then please change the password through that same option (cPanel > FTP Account > Change Password)

Solution 3. Check the username

Always check if the username you’re using is correct. Make sure it’s the same username you use when trying to login in your cPanel. Are you using the username of your own created FTP-account through cpanel, then please check if you’re using the correct username (cPanel > FTP Account)

Solution 4. You have a cloud package

If you have a cloud package and the above mentioned solutions don’t work, please contact us.


This knowledgebase article was last updated on: 19 October 2017

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