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How do I push a service to a different account?

You have some services in your account that you are not using. Another Neostrada customer would like to take control of the domain. Thanks to our free push function, you do not have to worry about moving codes, but you can easily push those services to another customer account.


  • A domain and a hosting package are two different services that can be pushed individually. 
  • When you want to push only a domain, the files of your website are not transfered. These files will remain in the package. If you want to transfer the website too, you should push the package as well as the domain, or transfer the files and database manually.


Step 1. First log in to the account where the domains or webhosting are currently listed. The customer of that specific account needs to push the service first. This can be done by following the next steps:

  • Log in: https://www.neostrada.com/login.html
  • Go to Domains & Webhosting.
  • Click on the options-icon next to the domain and/or webhosting package.
  • Click Push domain (domainname) or Push package (webhosting).
  • Enter the email address of the acount to which you want to push the service to.
  • Check Yes.
  • Click Push.

Step 2. The user to whom the service needs to be pushed has to accept the push through their dashboard. This can be done by following the next steps:

Step 3: The user who initiated the push has to accept the change of their domain/webhosting. This is done by following the same steps as mentioned in step 2, this time from the sending account.

Step 4. Hurray! The push is done and the domain or webhosting have arrived in the other account.


This knowledgebase article was last updated on: 23 May 2019

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