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How do I migrate my cPanel Cloud to DirectAdmin?

In this knowledgebase article you can read how to migrate all accounts from your cPanel Cloud to a DirectAdmin Cloud. Read the steps in this article carefully to prevent any mistakes. An important note is that Neostrada does not offer support on the content of this article and the migration.


To make sure the MySQL username and database are correct, we advise you to update the MySQL and MariaDB versions on your DirectAdmin server. MySQL 5.7+ or MariaDB 10.x is required.

Before we start

The maximum length of the usernames you can set is 16 characters in DirectAdmin. By default this is set to 10. You can check the length of your cPanel usernames in the Terminal with the following command on the cPanel server:

ls /var/cpanel/users | awk '{print length, $0}' | sort -nr | head -n1

To set the max length to 16 in DirectAdmin, instead of the default length of 10, enter the following command on the DirectAdmin server:

/usr/local/directadmin/directadmin set max_username_length 16 restart


Steps for the cPanel server

Step 1: Make a full back-up of all cPanel-accounts on the cPanel server and place these backups in the /home/all_backups directory. Important to note is that you need free space for these backups. The backups can be created using this command: 

mkdir -p /home/all_backups

for user in `ls /var/cpanel/users/`; do { /scripts/pkgacct ${user} /home/all_backups; }; done

Step 2: Move the cPanel backups from the cPanel Cloud to the DirectAdmin Cloud using the following command, where you replace IP-your-DA-server with the IP of your DirectAdmin Cloud.

rsync -avt --delete /home/all_backups/ root@IP-your-DA-server:/home/admin/all_backups/

We are now done with the cPanel server. You can now connect to the DirectAdmin Cloud.


Steps for the DirectAdmin server

Step 3: Make sure your DirectAdmin Cloud is on version 1.57.4 or higher, and that the cPanel backups are placed in the /home/admin/all_backups directory. Also, the newest version of the convertorscript needs to be present on the server.

You can update your Cloud and install the script using this command:

cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild

./build update

./build cpanel_to_da

chown -R admin. /home/admin/all_backups

Step 4: Go to DirectAdmin Admin Backup / Transfer, and tick the box next to Backup / Restore Settings in the admin-environment. The standard settings should suffice for this migration.

Step 5: Restore all backups from the /home/admin/all_backups directory. It is not possible to see the progress of this process. When the restore has finished an admin message will be sent in the DirectAdmin message system. Hurray, you have successfully migrated from cPanel to DirectAdmin! 


This knowledgebase article was last updated on: 27 August 2019 

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