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How do I create an extra user for WordPress?

If you would like to work with two or more people on one WordPress website it's easier to create an admin account for each individual person. This can be done through either the WordPress dashboard or by using the WordPress CLI (Command Line Interface). 

WordPress Dashboard

Via the WordPress dashboard you can easily create a new user and specify an user role.

Step 1. Navigate to your Wordpress dashboard.

Step 2. In the left side menu, click on Users.

Step 3. In the options that appear, click on Add New.

Step 4. In the new screen that appears you can fill in the new user's infomation. The Username and Email fields are required, the others are optional.

Step 5. For the last option you can choose the role for the new user. If you want the user to have full privileges you should select Administrator.

Step 6. Click on Add New User. Congratulations, the new user has been created!


WordPress CLI

Another option is to create an extra user by using the WordPress CLI.

Please note: Via the terminal or SSH you can make changes to your hosting account or even delete all data on it without any additional confirmation. It is of great importance that you are aware of the consequences that wrong commands in the CLI can cause. If this seems to be too advanced please use the WordPress dashboard to create a user as explained earlier. Also note that WordPress CLi is not installed on a VPS by default. For an installation guide we would like to refer you to

Step 1. Log in on cPanel and navigate to the terminal. You could also follow these steps via SSH.

Also read: How do I use SSH?

Step 2. Navigate to the path where your WordPress installation is located. You can do this by using the command cd, followed by the path of the folder. If your WordPress installation is located in public_html/wp for example, you can use the command:

cd public_html/wp

If you get an error message, the path was probably incorrect. Please check the right path in cPanel -> Domains. If you get [username@server map]$ the command worked and you are now located in the folder that you used in the command.

Step 3. To create a new user you cannot use an user name or mailaddress that is already in use. You can use the following command:

wp user create username [email protected] --role=administrator

The username can be changed to the username you would like to use. [email protected] becomes the emailaddress you would like to use for the new user. If you get an error mesage, please start over from step 1 after you double checked the correct folder path.

Step 4. After creating an user with the previous command you should see:

Succes: Created user [number]

Password: [password]

The system automatically generates a password for the new user. Its important to copy and save this password. After logging in with the new user you can change the password.

Congratulations, the new user has been created and is ready to use!


This knowledgebase article was last updated on: 6 March 2020

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