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How do I create a hosting package?

It is important that you first create a hosting package before you can create a hosting account.


  • If you have a reseller package with unlimited storage, then that reseller package will have a 200GB limit by default. This is to prevent abuse. If you need more storage, please contact our helpdesk. Then we can increase your limit.
  • Although all packages have unlimited data traffic, you can not create packages with unlimited data traffic. Please enter as large a number as possible.
  • Any hosting account you create can never have more than 100 parked domains or addon domains.


Step 1. Log in to WHM.

Step 2. In the left menu, under the Packages category, click Add a Package.

Step 3. You will see the following key fields:

  • Package Name. The name of the hosting package.
  • Disk Quota. The amount of storage allowed in MB's. For example, 1024 MB equals 1 GB.
  • Monthly Bandwidth. The amount of data traffic allowed in MB's. For example, 1024 MB equals 1 GB.
  • Max FTP Accounts. The number of allowed FTP accounts.
  • Max Email Lists. The number of allowed email lists.
  • Max Databases. The number of allowed MySQL databases.
  • Max Sub Domains. The number of allowed subdomains.
  • Max Parked Domains. The number of allowed parked domain names.
  • Max Addon Domains. The number of additional domain names allowed.
  • Feature List. The list that determines which features are displayed in cPanel.
  • Local. The default language of the hosting package.

Creating a hostingaccount

Step 4. Click Add to create the hosting package.


This knowledgebase article was last updated on: 30 July 2019

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