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How do I create a backup of my VM in cloud?

With our online Cloud platform making backups is easy, so you have your own backups of your Virtual Machines. In this article we will explain how to create a backup of a VM on your cloud environment.

Important: Currently there are problems with this free backup functionality that may prevent your snapshots from being taken or remaining on pending. Currently there is no known timeframe for when this will be fixed. We offer an alternative storage for this at a discounted rate. For more information you can contact [email protected]


Step 1. Log in to your cloud account;

Step 2. Go to Virtual Servers.

Step 3.
Click on of your virtual servers.

Step 4. Click Backups and then Files.

Step 5. Click Take a Backup.

Step 6. You’ll see a message on top of the screen saying that the backup is being created.


This knowledgebase article was last updated on: 14 June 2019

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