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How can I setup Two Factor Authentication for my customer account?

You can use a regular password to login to the Neostrada dashboard. If you want to have an extra security layer for your customer account, we recommend using Two factor Authentication.In this article we’ll explain how to activate/deactivate Two factor Authentication and what to do if you lose the security code of Two factor Authentication

Activate Two Factor Authentication

- Log in to the customer dashboard.

- Click My Account.

- Click Two-factor-authentication.

- Scan the QR-code with Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator app.

- Fill in the code you get in the field validatie code.

- Click Activate.


Deactivate Two factor Authentication

- Log in the customer dashboard.

- Click My Account.

- Go to Deactivate Two-factor authentication.

- Click on the button Deactivate Two-factor authentication.

- Two Factor Authentication is deactivated!

Help, I lost the validation code and can’t get login my customer account

That is really unfortunate. Luck for you, we can still deactivate Two factor Authentication in your customer account if you provide us with the following information.

  • Customer ID number (Customer number under My Account).

  • Copy of your driver's license or passport (picture and social security number mustn't be visible and a reason and date for the copy must be included in text).

Send this information to [email protected] and we will deactivate Two Factor Authentication for you.


This knowledgebase article was last updated on: 29 januari 2020

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