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How can I install extra modules/extensions on my cloud?

When you have a coud package at Neostrada, you’re able to install extra Apache modules and PHP extensions and modules yourself. In this article we’ll explain how this process works and we’ll use the installation of the HTTP2 module as an example.

NB! In this article we’ll assume you‘re using EasyApache4 on your cloud. If you’re using EasyApache3, please contact support so we can migrate you to EasyApache4.


Step 1. Log in the WHM environment of your cloud

Step 2. Type easyapache in the upper left corner. Click EasyApache4

Step 3. Click Customize

Step 4. You now have the choice to edit your Apache and PHP extensions/modules.

 Choose between modules and extensions to install

Step 5. Click Apache Modules

Step 6. Type http2 in the Search bar

Search for the HTTP/2 module

Step 7. Click the slider next to mod_http2

Step 8. Click Yes

Step 9. Click Next

The module is installed

Step 10. You will now go past all the different departments (PHP Versions and PHP Extensions). Click Next

Step 11. Click Provision.

Step 12. When the screen says The provision process is complete, click Done.

Process is done

Step 13. Hurray! The installation is finished!


This knowledgebase article was last updated on: 23 October 2017

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