Privacy Statement

Neostrada stores certain personal information necessary to enable it to deliver its goods and services to customers and end users. The personal data collected will generally include: company name, names of individual contacts, postal and physical address, telephone and fax numbers, and email addresses. Neostrada also has access to personal data that is generated through the Neostrada network including IP and e-mail addresses for incoming and outgoing data and network usage data.

Neostrada collects and processes information about customers and visitors to their websites for the benefit of their business in order to bring products and services to their attention. Such data may also be made available if deemed to be of interest to you for the development of web statistics. The information you provide may be used to notify you about changes to the functionality of the website or to offer additional services (unless you have specified that no services contact you).

Neostrada can gather information about the use of your website for analysis, including: domain name, number of hits, pages visited, previous and following sites visited and length of user session. This data can be collected using a cookie. A cookie is a small text file that our web server places on your hard drive. Cookies enable Neostrada to be able to offer visitors quick and efficient access to the Neostrada website, as well as offering returning visitors a better service. Your browser settings allow you to either receive or disable cookies.

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