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As a hosting provider, we do our best to help you as good as possible. The expertise of our support superheroes lies with web hosting so we do not support assistance with work on your website by default. Do you still want to turn to our help? Then choose Premium service.

Malware cleanup € 99,95

Are you experiencing problems with the layout of your website or does it send spam? This could possibly mean the website had been hacked! If you restore an old backup this can fix the problem but this isn't always the case. Restoring a backup isn't a solution if you don't want to lose any data or if the oldest backups have been infected too. So what else can you do? No worries, with our malware cleanup service your whole website will be scanned and all malware will be removed. We'll delist your website from all blacklists in order to prevent any further problems.

You'll receive a fully operational website when the cleanup has been finished, resulting in a functional website without any worries. Please let us know if the website works as intended. Does the malware infection happen again within 30 days after the cleanup? No worries, we'll take care of cleaning it again!

Click the button below if you want to use our malware cleanup, mention which website it is about and we'll do the rest!

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For all our premium services, no cure no pay applies. If it does not work properly or our superheroes can not solve the problem, then you pay nothing, pretty honest right?

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