Neostrada in brief

Established almost 10 years ago, Neostrada is now one of the largest and fastest growing hosting providers in the Netherlands providing optimum reliability and all-in-one packages for the lowest price starting at just €1,- per month. The goal was to be the cheapest web host in the Netherlands but with the highest level of service and availability of websites. Neostrada still uses this target. Our customer base demonstrates the success of our winning formula - we currently host more than 40,000 customers and a total of 100,000 websites and continue to grow daily!

In recent years a lot of changes have happened, in order to cope with change we keep all facets of hosting websites in-house utilising: our own servers, network infrastructure and our own direct contracts with software vendors. Neostrada is now one of the largest webhosting providers in the Netherlands and has built up a serious customer base over the last 10 years. For references, you can always contact us, we are happy to tell you which customers in your own industry or field we provide web hosting or internet services to.

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